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Over 3 centuries of expertise!

HistoryTitanobel has been the French leader in the explosives sector since 1875 when two associates, Paul Barbe, a French industrialist, and Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, founded the Société Générale de la Dynamite. This company was the starting point for our Group.

Developing from there, the Titanobel Group has had a presence in the explosives sector for over 140 years.

Titanobel’s industrial history goes back even further than that. Our main production site in France, the Vonges factory in Burgundy, first produced explosives in 1691, when it manufactured black powder intended for the armies of King Louis XIV. Titanobel still manufactures black powder on the site today.

Today, Titanobel offers a full range of innovative products and services required by industries that use explosives for civil blasting works, construction, public works, quarries and mines.

A few key dates in Titanobel’s history

1691 Founding of the Vonges Royal Gunpowder Factory
1875 Founding of the Société Générale de la Dynamite
1923 Founding of Titanite
1980 Founding of Nobel Explosifs France, a subsidiary of the SNPE Group, which inherited the companies founded by Alfred Nobel in France in the late 19th century
1983 Introduction in France of new-generation emulsion explosives by Nobel Explosifs France
1994 The start of development of the drilling business line in France by Titanite through its subsidiary, Sofiter
2000 Signing of the first partnership contract in South Korea
2005 Establishment of Sofiter in New Caledonia
2007 Establishment of Sofiter in Senegal
2008 Founding of Titanobel through a merger between Nobel Explosifs France and Titanite
2014 Establishment of Titanobel in Nigeria
2014 Establishment of Titanobel Southern Africa
2015 Establishment of Titanobel in Benin
2015 Establishment of Titanobel in Latin America
2018 Acquisition of D2J Group (France)
2019 Establishment of Titanobel in Mongolia
2022 Incitec Pivot Limited (Dyno Nobel) acquires 100% of Titanobel

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