cespy v

CESPy-V – A unique testing facility in France for the functional assessment of pyrotechnic products

CESPy.V (a French acronym for Vonges Pyrotechnics Test Center) is a test laboratory which forms an integral part of the Titanobel plant located at Vonges in France.

The test center has accreditation from COFRAC (the French Accreditation Committee) pursuant to the ISO 17025: 2017 international standard for detonability tests and oil retention in ammonium nitrate products. These tests are carried out in accordance with EC regulation 2003/2003 of 13 October 2003. Accreditation n°1-1671 available on www.cofrac.fr.

CESPy.V is recommended by various official and administrative bodies such as the French Customs Service. It is the first laboratory accredited in Europe for tests on ammonium nitrate products.

With highly qualified staff possessing extensive experience in pyrotechnic activities, CESPy.V has major technical resources at its disposal such as:
• A physical & chemical analysis laboratory
• Various workshop facilities allowing a wide range of tests
• A shooting tunnel for terminal ballistics and internal ballistics tests
• An 80 ha firing range with a pool test facility as well as firing basins, a casemate, and numerous testing and firing areas
• A Cook-Off and Slow Cook-Off area for tests relating to the temperature performance of pyrotechnical products