Equipment and accessories

Firing accessories

Titanobel offers a full range of accessories for reliable initiation of explosives charges.

Blasting machines
These include:
• Condenser blasting machines with a generator actuated by a handle, for public works, quarries and mines not susceptible to methane.
• The 815 and 818 blasting machines are intended for firing medium power detonators in series.
• The 861, 922 and 932 blasting machines are intended for firing medium and high power detonators in series.

Nonel Starter
The ExelTM Start DS2 starter is a new-generation electronic firing device for firing non-electric detonators.

The Dighom ohmmeter is essential for checking firing circuits.
It is used together with the blast shot exploder.
It is used to measure the resistance of the detonators and the whole firing circuit.

Electronic firing system
We offer one of the most advanced systems on the market for electronic detonator firing and electronic programming. It is intended for complex, high-quality surface, underground or demolition blasting operations.
This includes firing with remote control through secured radio wave.

Connecting wires
Titanobel offers a range of wires suited to all mining operations, including single and double wires made from copper or iron. They have different configurations depending on whether they are used as a firing line or as junction wire.

Mining accessoriesMining accessoriesTampers
Tampers are essential accessories for placing charges in the drilled holes. We offer tamping rods made either from anti-static plastic material with a cord or rigid 2m-long cylindrical rods. The latter are taped at both ends and fitted with a solid end piece (tamping head) or a threaded end piece (for use as an extension rod).
Cord tampers: polypropylene cord 25 m long, with a tamping head with a diameter of 53 or 63 mm.
Tamping rods: 2 m long, with an internal/external diameter of 16/22, 22/27, 26/32 or 33/40 mm.
Tamper kit: Five 2 m units measuring 33/40 mm with 5 connection screws and 5 wear rings.
A brass cartridge extractor can be screwed onto the end of the 33/40 mm tamper.

The range of plastic accessories is supplemented by:
- Preloaded tubes for underground blasting
- Finned plugs with diameter of 27 to 50 mm per box of 500 units for underground blasting
Titanobel can supply conical plugs for holes drilled for surface mines.

For measuring the depths of holes and their charges. This is an anti-static unit, delivered with a 30 m cable with a lightweight hand reel and a lead ballast.

A low-density polyethylene sheath for sheathing ANFO (different diameters and thicknesses are available – please contact us).

Expanding cement
Expanding cement EUROCIMEX is packaged in cardboxes containing 4 doses of 5 kg. After mixing with water, the product is poured into holes with diameters of 38 to 40 mm. The pressure rises and it breaks the rock or concrete.


Measuring equipment

With its wide variety of sophisticated equipment and know-how, Titanobel places the best measuring techniques at the disposal of its customers and gives them the benefit of ongoing developments adapted to changing regulations and requirements.

Topographical set-upTopographical set-upThe equipment offered by Titanobel responds to customers’ needs at every stage of drilling activities for mining purposes:

> Before drilling, with firing and drilling plan design support tools, by making various measuring devices available to them such as:
- The QuarryMan and Laser Scanner, which are specially adapted to 3D measuring of rock faces and the whole quarry,
- The Laser Profiler - PDA kits which enable theoretical distances to be calculated for the face hole and the drilling angles.

> After drilling, with measuring devices such as:
- The Boretrack and Tepex, offering precise, quick means of checking the real deviation of the mining holes used before setting charges, which enables any firing incidents to be avoided,
- The Laser Profiler - PDA kits and Tepex distance meter are used to record the profile of the rock face on a point-by-point basis. This makes it possible to accurately determine the thickness of the whole height of a rock bench. Using the Laser Profiler - PDA in association with the PC Profiler software enables hole charge plans to be created quickly and accurately on a hole-by-hole basis or for a whole row. Scattering risks are reduced considerably by using this instrument.

> During firing : Titanobel is the main French distributor of Nomis seismographs, including its two latest new-generation products:

also markets the seismograph IDETEC with integrated printer.

The instruments are easy to use and their technical performance characteristics make them the best seismographs on the market.
Titanobel’s teams provide training in how to use all these devices by implementing them out in the field with a presentation and demonstration of the mining support equipment. This is particularly the case with seismographs for measuring vibration and Laser-PDA kits for laying out drill holes.