Pyrotechnic tests

At the CESPy.V (Vonges Pyrotechnics Test Center), Titanobel conducts studies and tests on products and devices for itself and its customers.

For many years now, Titanobel has developed an extensive knowledge at its Vonges site in the field of characterizing the functioning of pyrotechnic products (powders, propellants, and explosives) and raw materials which are their precursors (ammonium nitrate in particular): characterization tests for civil explosives and related simulation tests, pyrotechnic safety tests, and providing various pyrotechnics services.

CESPy.V has been the beneficiary of this experience and related know-how.

As, a result, Titanobel is able to respond to all of its customers’ needs in three main fields:
Characterizing civil explosives and carrying out simulation tests: For example, sensitivity to triggering, determining the explosive energy of a product, the detonation speed, and tests for simulating mining detonations with desensitization via hydrostatic and/or dynamic compression.
Pyrotechnic safety tests: Carrying out codified, standardized tests with reference to European standards, UN standards (the "Orange Book" criteria and test manual) and NATO standards, particularly for Insensitive Munitions (IM),
Providing pyrotechnic services of all kinds such as: the casting and compression of explosives, aerial and underwater overpressure tests, thermal flow measurements, behavior in relation to impact, flame, and fire, determining the explosive nature of various products deemed to be non-pyrotechnic (characterization tests for ammonitrates (fertilizer), the behavior of reducing agents subject to fire, etc.), as well as any special tests requested by customers and national authorities.

CESPy.V has numerous customers, including Technip, Autoliv, Livbag, Nobel Sport, a body with INERIS accreditation (French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks), the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Directorate), SNPE, Safran, Herakles-SME Environnement, Roxel, etc.