Packaged explosives


Titanobel offers a wide range of explosive emulsions in cartridges suitable for blasting hard and very hard rocks in quarries and also on public works sites, even where there is water present.
The range is offered in its classic version for everyday operations, and in a UG version, designed for severe static or dynamic pressure conditions (underground works, trench blasting, blasting involving staged charges, and blasting in high-fault or waterlogged zones).
For each version, 3 power categories of the product are available:
Emulstar® 3000 for column charges in soft rocks,
Emulstar® 6000 for harder rocks
Emulstar® 8000 Plus for very hard rocks and charges laid at the base of blast zones.
Emulstar® 8000 Plus has pyrotechnic characteristics superior to those of all dynamites and is a good replacement solution that is more reliable to use.



Titanobel offers an packaged emulsion specially designed for pro-active blasting operations to trigger avalanches at temperatures between 0°C and - 45°C.
The blue Valeron film makes it visible in snow.
The clips on the ends are made from aluminum, thereby limiting the risk of scattering.
It has maximum sensitivity for reliable initiation at very low temperatures.




Titanobel offers a type of dynamite particularly well suited to blasting hard and very hard rocks in surface and underground applications.
Poladyn 31 Eco is characterized by a low level of detonation fume toxicity, the elimination of potentially toxic compounds (DNT, TNT) and excellent sensitivity.