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Inserting CisalexInserting CisalexCisalex/Cisalite

Titanobel offers two devices used for splitting rocks (slope earthworks, cutting underground arches, extracting ornamental rock) and for concrete (demolition). Cisalex is a small-diameter polypropylene tube loaded with a low-energy emulsion. It is mainly intended for demolishing thin slabs and shells, breaking up ornamental rock, and for underground works.
Cisalite is a continuous system in the form of a string of low-energy emulsion cartridges with a larger diameter than those used for Cisalex. A detonating cord fixed at two points on each cartridge ensures triggering continuity along the full length of the column. Cisalite is specially designed for pre-splitting and post-splitting of highwalls for earthworks and cuttings



Titanobel offers initiation boosters which are specially recommended for triggering all insensitive bulk explosives (emulsions, nitrate-fuel oil mixtures) in holes with diameters exceeding 76 mm. They are designed to be easy to use and completely safe, and do not require any tools for using them: ▪ Boostex 65 offers a double-hole device for quick placement of any type of detonator or detonating cord, with a system for locking it into position under completely safe conditions ▪ The Pentex™ 500 booster