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Black powder – A traditional product still used today

Titanobel is the only French manufacturer of black powder, and is one of the last manufacturers of the product in Europe

Our specific production plant for this traditional product is the outcome of extensive experience dating back to the founding of the Vonges royal gunpowder factory over three centuries ago, in 1691.

This very flexible and adaptable installation makes it possible to manufacture grades of black powder with different particle sizes, densities and velocities of detonation. This makes the final product suitable for a wide range of applications including mining, fireworks, firearms, replicas of old weapons, and military applications.
Titanobel black powder is recognized as having a high quality and consistency level due to the stringent selection of the raw materials used, and the very strict controls employed at every stage in the manufacturing process.

Splitting of ornamental rocksSplitting of ornamental rocksBlack powder for blasting

Titanobel produces cartridges of compressed black powder (MCHA) suitable for splitting rocks in quarries, and particularly ornamental rocks for the French market, where the use of bulk powder is not permitted.
Titanobel is also able to supply bulk black powder for blasting for the export market. Examples of these products are the G40 and MC30 GR types of powder.






Black powder for fireworksBlack powder for fireworks

Titanobel black powder is ideally suited for the following uses in the fireworks sector (list not comprehensive):

- Propulsion charges, mainly for bombs (propellants): MC30 and MC30-1 types of powder
- Making “jets”, possibly in mixes with other compounds: Pulverin
- Making slow-burning fuses or delays used in the fireworks pyrotechnics chain: Fine Grain Black Powder
- Burst and propellant charges: Musket Black Powder
- Titanobel also offers sulfur-free black powder (SFBP) for special applications.


Black powder containerBlack powder container Black powder for hunting and shooting

Wherever black powder is used in relation to firearms, Titanobel can provide the appropriate products:
- Musket Black Powder for percussion firearms with rifled barrels, and firearms that use paper or metal cartridges
- PNC Shotgun Black Powder for smoothbore firearms
- PNF4-P as priming powder for flintlock and wheel lock muskets
- PNF1 as a top-of-the-line propellant powder for long-barreled weapons
- PNF2 as a top-of-the-line propellant powder for short-barreled weapons
These types of black powder are widely used for making charges used with replica antique firearms.



Black powder for military applications

Titanobel manufactures and supplies specific types of black powder for military applications in accordance with French standards PN 1 to PN 7 and PN Classes 1 to 7 and in accordance with the US standard Mil-P 223 C.
Due to the flexibility of its production plant, Titanobel can manufacture different types of powder on demand that comply with international standards.
These military types of black powder are used as:
- Ignition powder in percussion cap tubes and charge bags,
- Reinforcing charges for electric igniters or detonators,
- Burst charges,
- Ejection charges or charges for clearing purposes,
- Pyrotechnic compounds.