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Titanobel : Responsible and committed

Titanobel is determined to ensure the long-term viability of its business whilst respecting and caring for the environment, with a particular emphasis on helping to preserve our planet’s natural resources and fully integrate into its local, economic and social environment.


logo responsible careTitanobel is a signatory to the Responsible Care® Global Charter, a joint commitment by the global chemicals industry for the safe management of chemicals throughout their life cycles and promoting their role in improving quality of life and their contribution to sustainable development:


Download the charterDownload the charterSome examples of Titanobel’s actions for Sustainable Development

  • Developing new explosive formulations, replacing toxic or carcinogenic ingredients (TNT, RDX, etc,) with non-toxic substances and developing the Emulstar range of explosive emulsions in cartridges.
  • Constant efforts to improve our manufacturing processes in order to reduce water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Eliminating waste water discharges and recycling of process water.
  • A multi-year plan to replace our older distribution vehicles with vehicles that consume less fuel and have lower CO2 emissions.
  • Investigating methods to reuse packaging materials.
  • Ongoing communication with local authorities and communities near our sites. In France this achieved in cooperation with CSS’s (Site Monitoring Committees) in order to make Titanobel a long-term, harmonious part of its societal environment,
  • Active participation in drawing up PPRTs (Technological Risks Prevention Plans) for our installations entailing risks in France.





Prevention of accidental harm to the environment is included in our Major Accident Prevention Policy as part of the requirements of the regulations in force in Europe for Seveso sites.