Health and Safety

A constant concern

Preventing accidents and workplace diseases is a priority for Titanobel.

Health and safety in the workplace are fundamental values shared by all of the Group’s employees. Any physical injury or harm to the health of employees due to their line of work is recognized as being unacceptable.

All of the Group’s employees, through their everyday actions, recognise that workplace health and safety forms an integral part of responsible management of the company. Compliance to health and safety policies is an essential requirement for meeting the objectives of our company, including the financial objectives.

In addition to regulatory requirements, Titanobel’s committed approach to health and safety has resulted in a substantial reduction in the accident rate for workplace lost-time accidents from 2013 to 2014.
This approach includes constant efforts to identify and deal with the risks related to Titanobel’s operations, with day-to-day involvement of all management and employees deployed across the globe.


Titanobel has a Workplace Health and Safety Prevention policy. In this document, Titanobel management undertakes to:

  • Integrate health and safety into operational processes,
  • Systematically identify, assess and reduce the risks posed by the company’s lines of business,
  • Call on the best practices in its business sectors,
  • Provide each of the employees with the basic and continuing training required for them to fulfill their missions effectively without any risk of accidents,
  • Provide feedback about accidents and incidents in a fully transparent way.

All accidents and incidents, no matter how large or small, are formally analyzed so that the required preventive and corrective measures can be identified and put in place to prevent the re-occurrence of such incidents.

Continuous improvements in the area of health and safety is fostered via our Workplace Health and Safety Steering Committee. This committee is attended by all of the members of the Group’s Management Committee on a monthly basis.


Titanobel’s experts in the field of pyrotechnic safety and risk assessment participate actively in the working groups of the regional and international professional associations to which the company belongs. These include:

  • The SAFEX Association at world level,
  • The Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers (FEEM), at European level,
  • The Association of Manufacturers of Explosives, Pyrotechnics and Fireworks (SFEPA), the Union of Chemicals Industries (UIC), and the Association of Explosives Users (SYNDUEX), at French level.


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