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Product Traceability Management

Titanobel Safe Track

European Directive 2008/43/EC of April 4, 2008 amended by Directive 2012/4/EU of February 22, 2012 transposed in France by the Order of May 5, 2009 (amended by a Consolidated Ministerial Order dated November 9, 2012) and by entry in the Defense Code (via Decree No. 2012-1238) concerning the identification and traceability of explosives for civil purposes, requires the following:

- the labeling of all explosive products that come off the production lines (since 4 April 4 2013).

- full traceability of all the products circulating within European Union territory; after this date, they have to be monitored on a unit basis by all involved parties (since 5 April 2015).


In order to ensure compliance with this regulatory framework, Titanobel offers their customers a logistics solution that will enable them to manage and monitor the consumption of explosives at their operations. This system, which is Cloud-based, offers the advantage of storing all the security information on protected servers, without any installation on customers’ IT stations.