Blasting support services

With its worldwide teams of engineers and technicians, Titanobel provides its customers with blasting support in the following fields:

Measurements using QuarrymanMeasurements using QuarrymanAudits and studies

Optimization of firing and improving results, designing firing plans, quarry audits, etc.

Support with disturbance reduction

Vibration and noise, etc.

Designing and conducting blasting operations

Firing in urban sites, special blasting operations, slope stability blasting, sequential firing, layout using a theodolite, selective blasting with controlled scattering, etc.

Checking firings and measurements

Characterization of the mass involved, the particle size of the muckpiles, calculation of the volume of the muckpiles, rock response time measurements, charge delay measurements, vibration and noise measurements, filming of blasts, etc.

Sale and rental of vibration recording devices (seismographs), laser theodolites, deviation measuring devices, etc