A variety of sectors and jobs

Our Group offers a wide range of jobs in a variety of fields

  • Manufacturing our products: Manufacturing agents, technicians or engineers, who frequently specialize in chemistry; they ensure the quality and reliability of our products.
  • Distribution and implementation: Drivers, blasting officers, blasters, storemen, and warehouse managers; their responsibility is to ensure that our products are transported, delivered and implemented in the field.
  • Drilling/mining: Drillers, miners, worksite managers, and works management engineers; the fields they intervene in are very wide-ranging - they ensure the quality of the drilling and mining services we provide.
  • Retaining works: Drillers, retaining works builders, worksite managers, technicians and engineers; they all work on successfully completing the projects they are assigned.
  • Our sales force in France and abroad: Technicians, technical and sales engineers, operations center managers and development managers; they maintain and develop partnership-based relations with our customers.
  • Other jobs: We also have jobs relating to finance, quality, safety, purchasing and logistics, human resources, etc. within our organization to support all our teams out in the field and our development at international level.