Facing the threat responsibly

During recent years there is a particularly high level of risk of the ill-intentioned use of explosive products all over the world. No country is immune to this threat.

As the leading explosives company in France and within the context of our strong drive to achieve international development, Titanobel is fully aware of its responsibilities in the area of explosives security.

Safety in the workplace has always been deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Safety and security of our products is equally important.

The Group’s employees responsible for the manufacture, storage, distribution and use of explosive products are continually made aware of the need to be vigilant and are reminded of good prevention practices.

The fixed and mobile installations in which explosive products are stored, and the distribution vehicles for these products that are driven on public highways, are fitted with security devices that meet the highest levels of technical standards available.

A specific organization monitors the operational maintenance of the protective and alarm devices and alert procedures to ensure that they remain fully operational at all times.

Titanobel has played a major, determined and leading role in compiling recent European and French regulations and also professional standards aimed at improving the traceability of explosive products.