Since 2000 and the signature of a transfer of technology contract with the South Korean company KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES, we regularly provide an intermediate product part of the formulation of the explosive produced by KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES.


With two production plants in South Korea, our partner KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES is N# 2 in the civil explosives South Korean market, with about 30% market share. Partnering with TITANOBEL has broadened their offer with a high energy emulsion (EMULSTAR 8000 UG), giving KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES a significant access to the underground market.

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We have strengthened this partnership by signing at the end of 2015 a new agreement with KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES, this one for transfer of technology of the other products of the UG range (EMULSTAR 3000 UG and EMULSTAR 6000 UG), enabling a lower consumption of aluminium. This new contract ensures long term continuous partnership with KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES.