The ultimate Digishot blast initiation system designed with safety and performance at its core.





 Blast Card 2


  • Fast and simple "tag by plan" deployment method
  • Minimal training, similar tagging and blasting methode
  • Automatic check to ensure the correct number of detonators per channel
  • Detonator energy monitoring right up to the point of blasting
  • Autonomous detection and testing of detonators
  • Programming speed is six times faster
  • Blaster wirelessly controlled through the multi-purpose CE4 Tagger
  • Two channels - 300 detonators per channel, for a total of 600 detonators per Ranger



The Ranger deployment is fast and simple. 

Tagging is flexible with a capacity of 600 detonators. The Bench Ranger is designed with simplicity in mind but is a sophisticated piece of equipment with its auto-detonator detection the Bench Ranger will find every detonator connected to the surface wire tag or untagged (hook up and go). The Ranger is also able to be fired remotely with a built-in antenna that is reliable on every blast. The Blast Cards ensures that the user is in total control of the blast pattern and ensures safe arming and firing of the blast pattern. 



 Tagging methods


The Ranger offers two modes of marking detonators :

Plan Mode :

  • Pre-designed blast plans containing location and timing created through the ViewShot application via PC/tablet or DIgiShot layout are downloaded to the CE4 Tagger.
  • The user can define a tagging path that creates a detonator list in the tagging sequence suitable for large-scale blasts. The Tagger writes the unique ID and timing into the detonator. The tagging path is flexible, allowing adjustments to the plan during tagging and the addition of new blast holes. 

Digishot Mode :

  • Conventional tagging mode utilizes location-based tagging with sides, rows, hole numbers, and detonator numbers. 
  • This option allows the user to tag the detonators' location and later send the delays to the detonators via the Tagger when all detonators are connected to the harness wire.